A small update to jQuery CookieBar.

It was pointed out that when using the option "fixed", CookieBar would sometimes be covered up by other positioned elements in the document.

It is possible when setting CookieBar to fixed to set a z-index value in the CSS. However for anyone who may not want to mess with code any more than they understand, we've added in a new setting to the CookieBar code called "zindex".

If you find that images or other elemts in your document overlay CookieBar, either in the CSS or using setting zindex, set a value greater than the z-index value of the overlaying element. If you're unsure what the z-index of that element is, and are unsure how to find out, increase the z-index for CookieBar until it is fixed.

If you need any help using CookieBar or have any suggestions for how it could be expanded and improved, do let us know. If you are requesting help, we're normally happy to take a quick look and offer some suggestions without charge, although would like to ask that those requesting help, provide a link to the website in question as well as information such as what browser (and version) you are using.

Posted on the 27th January 2014 at 11:11am.