Get your website online

A lot of large hosting companies will host your website on services located in America or Germany. Your website could end up being one of thousands hosted on the same machine, meaning it could run horrendously slow!

At Primebox, we make sure we always use UK based servers to host our websites on, and we won't host thousands of websites on one server, meaning you can be sure your website will run fast!

We provide different levels of hosting suitable for small websites, fully content managed websites with hundreds of pages and everything in between!

Talk to us to find out about our hosting options, pricing, and whether we're the company to host your website.

Email hosting

In a world where email is used excessively for sending spam, I believe it is important to provide the best and most reliable email service possible. It is also important to make sure that in the unlikely event of your website or email address going down, the other does not go down with it.

To ensure I stay focused on my expertise in web development and hosting, I now recommend third party services such as G Suite by Google or Office 365 by Microsoft for hosting your emails. Both offer 24/7 support as well as other excellent features such as cloud storage for backing up all of your files. I am happy to help you with the setup and administration of your email through G Suite or Office 365.