At last, Primebox CMS 2.0 is here!

It's taken a while, but it's great to be announcing the next version of Primebox CMS.

The CMS was redesigned to better implement some fundamental changes to how the system manages and stores content, as well as significantly improving image/file management and support for mobile devices.

We had a few comments from clients regarding how content was managed. We made some tweaks to our old CMS to make it better work how the clients wanted it, but felt it would be best to take out a pen and paper and work hard planning a whole new version of the CMS with a completely new structure for storing page content.

We took a look at all of the code within the CMS. ALL OF IT. When a piece of code has been in a system for a while, it is always worth making sure you look back at it and really think about whether it is doing it's job as best it can. New technologies and methods come along which replace old ones, and we want to make sure that when we update the CMS, we are truly updating it down to its core code.

We also decided, now that we're working with making websites with responsive layouts, that our CMS should also have a responsive layout. So now, as shown below, we have implemented a responsive design which works great on smartphones and tablets (Although we would still argue this is in beta!).

Primebox CMS has a responsive design for mobile support

We have a whole host of ideas buzzing around which we hope to add to the CMS in the future while I'll hopefully get around to posting about as they're added!

Read more about the features of Primebox CMS 2.0.

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Posted in PrimeBox CMS on the 2nd September 2013 at 2:41pm.