Client feedback shapes our products

For any business, customer or client feedback is essential to know that you're taking your products and services in the right direction.

The feedback we have received regarding Primebox CMS has been fantastic. We know our CMS is easy and intuitive to use, and our clients have only had praise and constructive critisizm.

The latest version of Primebox CMS, version 1.5 features a few tweaks suggested by clients, as well as a completely rewritten image and file management system.

Primebox CMS image manager

The image and file managers can both be accessed from any part of the system without losing any currently unsaved work. This means you can add any files or images for insertion into your pages during writing, rather than having to remember before hand.

The managers also allow management of multiple files at once. You can upload as many as you like in one go, and also move them between folders and delete multiple at once.

Uploading multiple images in one go

If you're looking to manage your website yourself without any knowledge of coding, Primebox CMS is the place to go. We always value your feedback and suggestions, and hope to make your content management experience the best it can be.

Posted in PrimeBox CMS on the 28th February 2013 at 9:48am.