A quick glimpse at recent updates to Primebox CMS

Primebox's CMS updates have never been a public announcement.

It's time to release a little bit more about the goings on in Primebox and the updates which are made to projects.

Primebox CMS V1.2 to V1.2.3

Since the last major update to the CMS, there have been quite a few bug fixes and small modifications to the CMS. These changes have been made as a result of greater use of the CMS by a couple of newer users.

Improved image management

Jesign have an image intensive website, and require being able to reorder images through the CMS so that they show in the correct order on the front end. Primebox CMS allows images to be uploaded via different modules to be displayed on different parts of the website. I have added the ability to reorder images wherever images can be uploaded, and titles now show on all thumbnails to make it easier to know which image you are moving.

Password generator

An addition which I have found very useful is the new 'Tools' section. The only tool at present is a password generator which by default loads a 16 character password containing uppercase, lowercase, and numeric characters. There are plans for additional tools to make the CMS that little bit more than just a content management system.

Blog comments

Cadenza Academy's first blog entry received a comment, which unfortunately was so long as to be truncated by the database. As a result, the database field was lengthened to allow for longer comments. There are plans to add basic javascript validation to the contact and comment forms in the CMS to warn users when what they have entered is too long.

There are many more updates planned for the future of Primebox CMS. Some major, others relatively small. More information about updates will be posted on the blog in the future.

Posted in PrimeBox CMS on the 10th August 2012 at 9:56pm.