Taking screenshots with the Raspberry Pi

I am always taking screenshots. While I work or play games, I always find something I want or need to take a screenshot of. I know that there will be times I will want to take screenshots on the Raspberry Pi (And I already have!)

What I forgot to do last time I posted was mention how you can do it on the Raspberry Pi. There are a few ways to do it, but the way I do it is with a small program called 'scrot'.

Easy to install just like Chromium Browser. Open up the terminal and enter the following.

sudo apt-get install scrot

Once you've confirmed and it is installed, simply typing scrot should take a screenshot and save it to your user's folder. It should be possible to use the print screen (Prt Scr) key on your keyboard, but at very least, you can now take screenshots.

Easy, and another small but well used feature you can use on the Raspberry Pi.

Posted on the 4th June 2012 at 12:17pm.