Sharing family moments away from social media

Everyone has that friend or family member on social media who constantly posts pictures of their pets or  latest meal. Finding precious memories in amongst the riffraff is not something my client wanted to do. They asked me to help them build their own family archive. The idea is to only have posts for significant family events or updates, not endless selfies with the family dog!

The family archive operates as a very stripped down social media platform and blog in one. Only those the client grants access to can post, with a post ranging from just a short piece of text or single image to a more lengthy post with multiple sections and photo collages. People can be tagged in posts too.

In keeping with this stripped down approach we also stuck with a straightforward design to put focus on the content.

Due to the private nature of the project there isn't much more that can be said. But it was a pleasure to work on such a personal project and see where it goes next!

Website features

Website not shared for privacy reasons.