Popup Password

In need of a random password generator? This is a mini project which gives you one you can open up on any website with any modern browser without installing any plugins or extensions.

Popup Password

Simply drag the button/link to your favourites bar. Once it's added to your favourites, press the link and "Popup Password" will load.

Screenshot of Popup Password

It's not advanced, and doesn't in any way produce passwords you would expect to remember. But if you're looking for secure passwords, a password generator may be the way to go!

Why did you make it?

Why not? It's a potentially very useful tool developed solely as a learning experience. Popup Password uses just Javascript and some light CSS. Most of the Javascript we do is based around jQuery. This was a good project to refresh one's memory when it comes to javascript in it's purest form.

It's in Beta

There's a lot more to be done to make this password generator more useful and not quite so ugly.

Known Issues

  • Depending on what browser you're using, you may have trouble loading Popup Password on secure websites.
  • Popup Password may be slow to load. When a "final" version is ready, it will be hosted on a much faster server.
  • There is currently no option for special characters.
  • The stylesheets on certain websites may affect the appearance of Popup Password.

Please Note

All passwords are generated directly in your browser. There is no tracking of the usage of Popup Password, meaning you can be sure that no matter what website you're using or what password you generate and use, PrimeBox will never know your passwords. We thought it best to be clear and honest!

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